Current Employees

UCCS Employees

Current Employees

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  • Information and links to current policies, annual disclosure survey, forms and FAQs. 

  • Affirmative Action Plans for 2015-2018. 

  • The following link provides employee handbooks or state personnel board rules for all employee classes; classified staff, faculty, officers and university staff. 

  • This Code of Conduct states the university’s commitment to upholding the highest ethical, professional, and legal standards.

  • Please click here to view resources on University, State and Federal policy


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UCCS Emergency Management

Under the direction of the Department of Public Safety on campus, their role is to plan, prepare, and offer training for the campus community to effectively implement the four phases of emergency management: preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery for the risks facing our campus.

UCCS Police

The mission of the UCCS Police Department is to provide police protection and services to the university community while fostering a safe and secure environment in which the pursuit of learning, teaching and research can take place.