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W-2 Reporting

Each year the University must issue a W-2 form to all employees who received taxable wage payments so that the employees can file their taxes. These forms are sent out no later than January 31st to report the taxable wages paid during the previous year. W-2 forms are mailed to your home address. W-2 forms are also on MyUCCS Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timecard and Payroll Frequently Asked Questions for Human Resources Liaisons

I tried to post a timecard and it won’t work. What’s wrong?
When I try to post a timecard, I get a status saying “unable to post time” or “no time to load”. What am I doing wrong?
What code do I use for:
An employee in my department is saying that they were not paid their full paycheck. What happened?
I have an employee that is part time. How do we allocate their holiday pay for days that they weren’t scheduled?
What changes to the COWINS agreement (effective 7/1/2022) were also approved for University Staff?
If a Classified employee was required to work on a holiday, what do we need to do with their timecard?
How long does a University Staff member have to use their holiday if they were required to work?
I worked on a national holiday (for example Christmas Day, December 25 which was on a weekend), however, the observed holiday was December 26. Will I receive premium holiday pay and weekend shift differential?