Job Classification Structure

Job Classification Structure

UCCS University Staff Classification Structure Project

As UCCS continues to grow, the need for a structured system of classifying jobs and paying employees has become evident. To recruit and retain talented employees and bring consistency to the value of jobs, UCCS must create a framework for fair and consistent pay policies which uses market data both for categorizing jobs and establishing pay ranges. Such a structure creates transparency and prevents pay decisions from being made in a vacuum. In line with the core strategy of deliberate investment in the UCCS 2030 Strategic Plan, this project is a step towards transparency in compensation and hiring practices and will align UCCS with industry best practices.

This project is based on the foundational step of clear and consistent job evaluation and classification with the goal of providing:

  • standardized means of classifying new or changed jobs.
  • means of comparing jobs of similarly situated positions and pay rates using market data.
  • basis for a simpler, more rational salary structure.
  • incentive for employees to strive for higher-level jobs within a transparent advancement trajectory.


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Project Objectives

The compensation structure at UCCS was created with certain key objectives in mind:

  1. Establish a formal classification and compensation philosophy to attract and retain high-performing employees at all levels.
  2. Implement a compensation management tool, PayScale, for use in evaluating UCCS jobs against select markets using appropriate salary surveys.
  3. Within the existing job family framework, create a job group structure for evaluating similarly situated positions at a micro level.
  4. Standardize HR job evaluation practices to ensure uniformity in internal business processes.
  5. Review existing compensation policies and create clarity and consistency wherever possible.
  6. Align compensation structures to comply with existing federal and state employment laws, including the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.
  7. Create a comprehensive communication plan, educational tools, and web content regarding the new structure to create transparency and understanding in the campus community.
Expectations Moving Forward