Current Employee FAQs

Current Employee FAQs

FAQs for Current Employees

Employee Payroll

How do I report an issue with my pay?
Pay Day
When is pay day?
Payroll Deductions
Where can I find information about payroll deductions?
Pay Advice
How do I access my pay advice and what does it all mean?
What happens to my accrued leave when I resign?
Tax Documents
How do I change the exemptions on my W-4?
Tax Documents
When and how will I receive my W-2?
Time Sheet
When do I submit my timesheet?
Commitment Bonus for 2022
Questions regarding the Commitment Bonus for 2022

Employee Relations

I have a grievance, who do I contact?
Do I qualify for FMLA or short/long term disability?
I have plenty of sick and vacation time, do I have to file for FMLA?
Performance Management
How do I conduct Performance Management?
How do I schedule team building for my team?


I have a benefits question, who do I ask?
Can I make an appointment with a benefits expert?
State Classified System
What is the difference between transfer, demotion and reinstatement?
Verification of employment
I need verification of employment, who do I ask?