HCM Access for PPLs

HCM Access
Are you new to HCM? The following information will walk you through setting up your PPL access in a few simple steps.

HCM is an integrated suite of applications and business processes that enable the university to manage human resources from recruitment to retirement.


1. Your HCM Role

CU Payroll Personnel Liaison
Request this role if you need to enter, change or approve position data, job data, time entry, time approval, PET entry, PET approval, department budget and My Leave department views. Do not request additional roles, as CU Payroll Personnel Liaison already grants approval for the above tasks. 


2. Take Required Skillsoft Courses 

Click the titles below to access required Skillsoft courses.
  • University's Fiscal Code of Ethics (focusing specifically on the Employee Code).

  • Explains how and why CU employees must protect university and private information. 

  • High-level overview of HCM

  • Payroll cycles, calendars, MyLeave and CU Time.

  • Managing employee data, types of data changes, tables, effective dates, sequencing and more.

  • Posting jobs and data-sharing between HCM and CU Careers.

3. Request Access Through OIM

OIM is CU's access request and management system. The guide for approval roles will help users determine which roles to request in OIM.  

Once you've completed training: 

  1. Log into OIM using your campus login and password. 
  2. Follow OIM access request instructions. 

OIM will check that you have completed the required training for your requested role. If you have not completed the required training, you'll receive an email listing outstanding courses you must complete. Then, log back in to the system and self-approve your request so it routes to your manager/sponsor for approval. 

If you have questions during this process, please contact the UIS Service Desk and Access Management

New to HCM?
This guide describes a few tasks to help new users get started with HCM to include; logging in, viewing employee job data and running a query.