Performance Management - Classified Staff

Performance Management for Classified Staff

UCCS believes all employees are the key to our success. We strive to hire, develop, and keep the best employees. We encourage, support, and compensate employees based on our philosophy of recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance.

We believe that performance management is an on-going and daily process, not just an annual event.

We require managers and employees to conduct a formal annual performance review based on the requirements specific to their employment group. This review documents and highlights the previous year’s accomplishments and overall performance.

Evaluation Timelines and Forms

Classified Staff

The performance cycle for Classified Staff runs from August 1 to July 31.

CU requires a midyear progress review between employees and their supervisor. This meeting must be documented.

For employees hired after November 18, 2021, supervisors are required to conduct a performance discussion after completion of 90 days of the employee's probationary period or trial service.

When a new employee or an existing employee's job class or supervisor changes, the Performance Management Program -Department Certification For (Mid-Year) must be completed no later than 30 days after the hire or reclassification of a classified employee.

Find more information about CU's Performance Management Program Plan.


August 1

The new performance cycle begins. Supervisors should complete the Planning and Evaluation Form for work and goals completed in the previous 12 months and schedule a time to meet with the employee.

August 31

Performance Planning and Evaluation forms for the previous cycle must be submitted to Supervisors and employees should both retain copies of the final evaluations for their records. The reviewer MUST review the evaluation before it is given to the employee.


October 1

A new plan, with goals, must be in place for all classified employees. Upon completion of performance plans, departments should fill out the Performance Management Program - Department Certification Form (Annual) and store in department files.

January 31

Supervisors and employees must meet for a mid-year review of progress to goals. This conversation must be documented on the Planning & Evaluation form. 

Rating Scales

Classified Staff: 1-5 Scale

Select a rating level to view a detailed explanation
  • At this level, employee performance and/or behavior do not meet minimum job expectations of the position. The employee does not meet key goals and/or does not demonstrate competence in critical job skills. Immediate and sustained performance improvement is needed. Employee’s failure to exhibit immediate marked improvement will result in corrective and/or disciplinary action.

  • At this level, employee performance and/or behavior do not consistently meet minimum expectations of what is expected of the employee’s position. While the employee shows capability and willingness to progress, they may require development in a key skill area(s) to be fully effective in the role. Employee’s failure to exhibit marked improvement may result in performance management.

  • Employees at this level reliably and consistently meet all the expectations, standards, requirements, and objectives of the employee’s position. They demonstrate organizational values, along with a willingness and ability to grow for the benefit of the Department. At this level, performance meets expectations in terms of quality of work, efficiency, and timeliness with the most critical goals being met.

  • Employees at this level demonstrate highly effective performance by making significant contributions and impact on the goals of the Department. The employee consistently models organizational values to others and performance at this level exceeds the expectations of their position. Colleagues rely on these employees for advice on process or subject matter expertise. All goals, objectives, and targets are consistently achieved above the established standards.

  • Employees at this level consistently make extraordinary contributions through superior performance on key goals, serve as a role model of organizational values, and contribute significantly to the mission of the Department. Peers, immediate supervisors, higher-level management, and others recognize and depend upon the employee’s level of performance. An extraordinary level of achievement and commitment in terms of quality and time, technical skills and knowledge, ingenuity, creativity, and initiative is exhibited at this level. The employee demonstrates exceptional job mastery in all major areas of responsibility and their contributions to the organization are of marked excellence.

Training Opportunities

Human Resources offers training sessions for supervisors and employees focused around how to prepare for annual performance evaluations but also how to manage performance throughout the entire year. It is important to understand the difference between performance evaluation and performance management. The available training helps provide an understanding that performance evaluations are a tool of performance management. Performance evaluations are used to document accomplishments and are a metric of how well an employee performed in a given area. Management is connected to the mission and larger vision and is used to plan and develop department business practices.  Visit the UCCS Human Resources Training Website to learn more about Performance Management training.

Submitting Evaluation Forms
HR requires the Annual Performance Forms to be submitted. The planning and self-evaluation pages may be kept with the employee and/or department. The Performance Forms may be submitted by attaching the forms to an email to Supervisors or department business partners may attach multiple evaluations to one email message. The due dates for the forms are listed at the top of the page, they differ for each employee class.

Performance Improvement

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