Performance Management - 12-month Faculty

Performance Management For 12-month Faculty

UCCS believes all employees are the key to our success. We strive to hire, develop, and keep the best employees. We encourage, support, and compensate employees based on our philosophy of recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance.

We believe that performance management is an on-going and daily process, not just an annual event.

We require managers and employees to conduct a formal annual performance review based on the requirements specific to their employment group. This review documents and highlights the previous year’s accomplishments and overall performance.

Evaluation Timelines and Forms


The university rates faculty members' performance each year and uses the results to determine merit and other pay adjustments. Tenured/tenure track faculty are assessed on a three year average and instructors are evaluated annually. 

Performance ratings are based on standards that each academic unit has developed, according to agreed-upon written expectations between the faculty member and his/her unit.

12-month Faculty

12- month faculty's performance cycle is July 1st - June 30th. This is the same cycle as university staff. We do encourage ongoing conversation concerning performance to occur between employee and supervisor during the year.

Faculty responsibilities (except those on leave):

  • Provide written evidence of your performance.
  • Use your campus'/college's/school's/unit's standard for reporting scholarly and other activities.

Faculty members who do not follow this process will receive a "below expectations" review and be considered for disciplinary action.


July 1 - June 30

Performance evaluation period.

June 30

Evaluation period ends.

September 1

Annual performance forms must be submitted to Supervisors and employees should retain copies of the final evaluations for their records.

Rating Scales

Faculty 1-5 Scale

Select a rating level to view a detailed explanation
  • Consistently fails to meet expectations and improvement is needed in most aspects of position

  • Frequently fails to meet expectations and improvement is needed in these areas.

  • Consistently fulfills performance expectations and periodically may exceed them. Work is of high quality in all significant areas of responsibility.

  • Always achieves performance expectations and frequently exceeds them. Demonstrates performance of a very high level of quality in all areas of responsibility.

  • Far exceeds performance expectations on a consistent and uniform basis. Work is of exceptional quality in all essential areas of responsibility. In addition, makes an exceptional or unique contribution in achievement of the unit, department, and University objectives.

Training Opportunities

Human Resources offers training sessions for supervisors and employees focused around how to prepare for annual performance evaluations but also how to manage performance throughout the entire year. It is important to understand the difference between performance evaluation and performance management. The available training helps provide an understanding that performance evaluations are a tool of performance management. Performance evaluations are used to document accomplishments and are a metric of how well an employee performed in a given area. Management is connected to the mission and larger vision and is used to plan and develop department business practices.  Visit the UCCS Human Resources Training Website to learn more about Performance Management training.

Submitting Evaluation Forms
HR requires the Annual Performance Forms to be submitted. The planning and self-evaluation pages may be kept with the employee and/or department. The Performance Forms may be submitted by attaching the forms to an email to Supervisors or department business partners may attach multiple evaluations to one email message. The due dates for the forms are listed at the top of the page, they differ for each employee class.

Performance Improvement

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