Employee Compensation FAQ

Employee Compensation FAQ

These questions are of a general nature and meant to give answers to UCCS faculty and staff. They are neither all-encompassing nor intended to speak to an employee’s unique circumstances.


What is included in the January 2024 merit increase?
What does the Board of Regents policy require on merit increase?
What has UCCS done so far regarding employee compensation?
What has changed in our merit increase process from how it was done in previous years?
Are there minimum pay rates at UCCS?
What is included in our total compensation plan at UCCS?
What are the next steps for UCCS’s compensation plan?
I am a Classified Staff member, am I included in the merit increase effective January 2024?

University Staff and Faculty

Who is eligible for the January 1 merit increase?
What are the parameters for the merit increase?
Which faculty and university staff employees are not eligible to receive a 1/1/2024 increase?
What does base-building mean?