January 2022 Compensation FAQ

January 2022 Compensation FAQ

These questions are of a general nature and meant to give answers to UCCS faculty and staff. They are neither all-encompassing nor intended to speak to an employee’s unique circumstances.


What is included in the compensation plan?
Why are we receiving these raises?
What does a one-time 1% “non-base building” payment mean?

Employee Eligibility

Which employees are eligible to receive the 1% one-time non-base building payment and the 3% base-building compensation increases?
The following employees with an active appointment as of August 31, 2021 are eligible:
Employees with the following titles are not eligible for the 1%:
If I am a new eligible employee who has not had a performance evaluation, will I still receive the 3% base-building raise and one-time payment of 1%?
When will I see my raise?
Will taxes or benefits be deducted?