Hiring Regular Faculty

Hiring Regular Faculty

A search for faculty requires the following steps:

  1. Completion of compensation and job analysis by HR
  2. Completion and approval of a Faculty Request to Fill
  3. Hold initial search committee meeting before posting the job 
  4. Post the position on CU Careers
  5. Review of applicants by search committee
  6. HR verified that finalists meet minimum qualifications
  7. Search committee provides disposition reasons 
  8. Complete reference checks for the final candidate only
  9. Select a final candidate and submit name to HR for completion of salary analysis
  10. Make verbal offer based on HR approved analysis
  11. Complete and process background check form
  12. Route formal letter of offer after background check 
  13. Notify and disposition all candidates, and remove posting from the web
Job Description

Job Description

If the position is regular faculty, the first step is to ensure that the job description for the position has been created or updated if it is an existing position. A job description template should be used to ensure that all required elements are included in the description. One job description template is for positions considering hiring faculty members requiring an H1B, as there are certain requirements for the job posting that are spelled out in this template. The regular faculty job description is for all other faculty positions that are not considering international candidates for the position. Human Resources can assist in job description review.

Visit the Document Library for job description templates. Examples of Faculty Job Descriptions can also be found here.

Search Committee

Search Committee

Regular faculty positions require an open, competitive search run by a search committee. It is the responsibility of the department chair to form a search committee. HR suggests that the appointing authority or supervisor for the position not be a member of the search committee. For the purpose of hiring employees, UCCS HR defines supervisor or appointing authority to be anyone who has the authority to hire, promote, discipline, evaluate and direct an employee in the position. This includes, but is not limited to, the dean, department chair, director, appointing authority, or first line supervisor.

A search committee should be broadly representative of UCCS, and its members should be in good standing and able to provide a variety of perspectives on the role and function of the position in question. A good committee might include individuals who will be peers of the new hire, people in a similar position from a different department, in his or her reporting chain, and among his or her “clients”.

The committee must have a minimum of three members that include the following:

  1. Search Chair
  2. Diversity Champion
  3. Two other representatives familiar with the position (members at large)
  4. An HR Representative

    Present at the initial meeting and as a resource throughout the search process

Request to Fill

Request to Fill

The department chair should work with a department administrator to complete the Request to Fill form. The Request to Fill is the document that will be routed to leadership for approval in filling a vacancy or filling a new position. This document should contain all pertinent information about the position. The department org chart as well as the full job description should be pasted into the Request to Fill form before the form is sent to Human Resources for review.

In their review of the draft Faculty Request to Fill form, Human Resources will:

  • Contact the department with questions or concerns about job description or Request to Fill form
  • Complete the initial salary analysis based on the job code and internal equity of similarly situated employees
  • Review the position description and work with the department to determine the appropriate class code, minimum qualifications, and salary according to discipline and internal equity of similarly situated employees
  • Send the reviewed RTF form to the department to route for signatures through Adobe Sign
Request to Fill Approvals
Faculty Request to Fill


Next Steps

Next Steps

Once the Request to Fill has been signed by all required approvers, Human Resources will create a requisition in CU Careers and provide a requisition number to the department administrator so that the department can format the posting according to standard posting requirements. Departments are required to include standard legal language and are encouraged to provide an introduction about the department to make the posting attractive to and provide insight for external candidates.

All postings must include a priority date indicating when application review will begin. No priority date may be sooner than two weeks after the initial posting date in order to comply with Equal Opportunity Employment laws. 

The committee might also choose to use HireVue for the first round of interviews. Training and information about HireVue will also be given by the HR department during the charge meeting.

When the posting is active, Human Resources will email the link to the active posting to the department administrator who should share the link with other stakeholders and the search committee so that the position can be advertised externally if desired.

As a standard practice, other than the chair, the search committee members will not have access to the requisition until the priority date, as they may not review applicants until after the published priority date.

Candidate Review
Extending an Offer

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