Paid Sick Leave FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Sick Leave

Are 9-month faculty eligible for leave under Healthy Families and Workplaces Act?
Are independent contractors eligible for leave?
Are University Staff employees who have 0.1 FTE appointment eligible for sick leave under the Healthy Families and Workplace Act?
I am a full-time university staff member who teaches a course as a lecturer. Will my lecturer position accrue sick leave?
I have multiple appointments and am confused about how much leave I will accrue. Who can I ask for more information?

Using Sick Leave

What speedtype will sick leave pay from when used?
How is sick leave accrual calculated for hourly employees?
How is sick leave calculated for employees paid on a contract on a semester-by-semester basis?
Can I take more sick leave than the hours I am usually scheduled to be at work?
Do employees have to utilize the sick leave in one-hour increments or can they take leave in less than one-hour increments?

Leave Upon Termination or Transfer

Does sick leave pay out when I leave the university?
Does sick leave earned as a student employee transfer with me if I am hired into a university staff or other leave eligible position?
Does sick leave earned as university or classified staff or 12-month faculty transfer to a temporary or student position?
Will working retirees accrue sick leave?

Healthy Families and Workplace Act (HFWA)

Who is covered by HFWA?
What is considered a family member?
Can supervisors require documentation for paid sick leave use?
What is domestic violence and sexual assault leave under the HFWA?
What do I do if I think an employee is abusing their sick leave?
Is travel time included in sick leave?
Can an employee take sick leave for mental health wellness time?