Business Partner FAQs

Business Partner FAQs
This page addresses frequently asked questions related to the responsibilities of an HR business partner

Human Capital Management

What are transactions in HCM?
rehire vs. reappointment
When do I use rehire versus reappointment for faculty?
Dock Hours
My Leave is requiring one of my exempt employees to enter all of his time or it will create a dock. How do I correct this?
late timesheets
I have employees who did not submit timesheets before the pay period closed. Will My Leave upload this timesheet in the next pay cycle?
Payment Status
What does the Payment Status field tell me in CU Department Timesheet Review?
My employees seem to need assistance setting up My Leave. How can I help them?
Running Queries
How can I review all my employees’ exempt, non-exempt status and who they report to?
running queries
What reports are available to assist with My Leave and CU Time?
supervisor approval
A supervisor in my department is not receiving timesheets from his subordinates. How can this be corrected?
Posting Time
Once a timesheet is approved will it load automatically to CU Time?
Search & Hire
I just received authorization to fill a position for my department. What do I need to do?
Exempt Professional Positions
Which positions are exempted from the state personnel system?
independent contractors
How does our department hire an independent contractor?
job posting
How long does a job need to be posted?