Example Faculty Job Descriptions

Example Faculty Job Descriptions

Below are some examples of faculty job descriptions from past years at UCCS. These are intended to give you ideas to get started and guidance on how to create your job descriptions for a specific faculty position.

Please note that these job descriptions are not completed in full, as faculty job descriptions were not required before 2021. Here are some sections that should be included on all job descriptions:

  • Nature of work
  • Professional Field (Discipline)
  • Supervision Received
  • Supervision Exercised
  • Job Duties
  • Job Competencies
  • Minimum and Preferred Requirements
  • Physical Requirements
  • FLSA Exempt/Non-Exempt indication

We have job description templates that we encourage you to use as well in creating a faculty job description for a faculty position.

Position Description Template – Faculty

Position Description Template – Faculty on an H1B Visa




Temporary Faculty