Conflict of Interest

In order to achieve more consistent compliance with the Conflict of Interest policy, Disclosure and Management of Conflicts of Interest or Commitment, a new process for completing the UCCS Annual Disclosure Survey will be implemented in November 2020.

The policy requires all employees to submit a conflict of interest disclosure within 60 days of hire and thereafter annually, and within thirty (30) days when there is a change impacting the actual or perceived conflicts of interest or commitments. Disclosures shall include nepotism, outside employment, outside financial interests, and additional activities implicating other university interests to be reviewed for possible conflict of interest or commitment. 

Conflicts of interest refers to situations in which financial, professional or other personal considerations may directly or indirectly affect, or have the appearance of affecting, an employee’s professional judgment in exercising any university duty or responsibility in administration, management, instruction, research or other professional activities. A conflict of commitment refers to a situation in which outside relationships or activities interfere with, or have the appearance of interfering with, an employee’s commitment to the employee’s university duties or responsibilities.

Beginning November 1, 2020, Human Resources will request the annual disclosure survey to be completed during the last two months of an employee’s annual performance evaluation period. The requested timeline for the annual disclosure survey to be completed for our three employee groups will be:

Faculty  November 1st – December 31st
University Staff  December 1st – January 31st
Classified Staff  February 1st – March 31st

We hope that this new annual timeline will make it easier to remember to complete the annual disclosure because it will be completed during the same timeframe each year going forward. 

New employees must still complete the survey within 60 days of hire and current employees will complete the survey within 30 days of any change impacting actual or perceived conflicts of interest or commitments, to include any job changes or additional roles at the university.

How often do I have to complete the survey?
Will I ever need to complete the survey more than once per year?
How do I verify if I have already completed the survey?