Leave - Public Health Emergency Leave

Emergency Paid Sick Leave available under Federal law.

Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL) and the corresponding personnel rules (5.39.(A-C)) remain in effect for now and at least four weeks after the federal Public Health Emergency ends. Under the current declared federal emergency, employees can use PHEL through February 8, 2023, unless the federal Public Health Emergency is extended at the Federal level.

During a public health emergency, the university will supplement leave amounts to ensure that all employees have the necessary accrued leave to have up to two weeks of sick leave. Leave supplement amounts are calculated based on leave accrued as of January 1, 2021. For full-time employees, this is a maximum of 80-hours, prorated for part-time status based on hours scheduled to work. The university will not provide sick leave for those employees who have the necessary amount of sick leave through their regular sick leave accrual. Supplemental leave will be provided to those employees who do not have the necessary amount of sick leave to meet the requirements under the state law. 

An employee may use the public health emergency sick leave for four weeks after the official termination or suspension of the public health emergency.

Employees are only eligible for supplemental paid sick leave once during the entirety of a public health emergency. If a sick employee does not qualify for or exceeds the supplemental sick leave allowance they should record their time in My Leave as sick leave and should consider filing a Family Medical Leave (FML) request to ensure job protection.

If supplemental leave is required due to exhaustion of accrued leave, the employee should notify Human Resources via a Public Health Emergency Leave Request form. If supplemental leave is provided, the employee should use this leave before using accrued leave balances.

Sick employees who have been on campus and in contact with others should contact their supervisor and HR immediately.

Nothing in this guidance is intended to alter the at-will nature of employment or create a contract for a specific duration of employment.

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