HireVue for Search Committees

HireVue for Search Committees

HireVue Resources for Search Committees

HireVue Video Interviews are widely loved by search committees who have used it across campus. Not only will it save the search committee time, but it will also create a fairer and more equitable search by using a standardized review process through the HireVue system. Each committee member will have the role of Evaluator in the HireVue system.

How HireVue Works

Setting up a HireVue interview can happen while the posting is open, allowing the committee to send out the video interviews as soon as candidates have been determined to move forward. Each question will be rated on a 1-5 star rating process, allowing candidates to be reviewed equally by each committee member based on the questions asked during this round of interviews.

Tip: Reach out to candidates via email or phone first to keep these completion statistics high. Many times, candidates will disregard the invite if not pre-warned, or it may end up in their spam/junk folder. By giving them a pre-warning, they are ready for the invite and can complete the interview.

As candidates complete their interviews, committee members can complete their reviews. Depending on the completion time of candidates and the deadline, you can send out and complete this round of interviews in about a week.

Reminder: The faster that you evaluate the interviews, the quicker the final meeting among committee members can happen to determine who is moving on to the next round of interviews. This, in turn, quickens the search process altogether.

HireVue "How it Works" Guide

Benefits of Using HireVue

High Applicant Completion Rate

Applicants with UCCS have an 87% completion rate of video interviews, compared to an industry average of 37%, and take on average of one day.

Efficient Interview Evaluations

Committee members take, on average, one day to evaluate video interviews, compared to an industry average of 44 days.

Flexible Interview Scheduling

41% of HireVue Interviews at UCCS are completed outside of regular business hours and days.

HireVue Demo Interview

Want to practice completing an evaluation? HireVue can provide you with a sample interview to review a candidate or multiple candidates for. Please contact your HR Liaison and the Talent Acquisition team for more information on this.

Additional HireVue Resources

Select any item for more training, information or details.
  • Details the steps of items required for the setup of the interview and how to evaluate each interview.

  • Before sending a HireVue invitation, it's important reach out to each candidate via phone or email to let them know the invitation is coming.

  • When using this software, we want to make sure we are asking job-related questions that will really verify if the person can do the job.

  • Recording videos in HireVue make the candidate experience so much better, and UCCS has gotten positive feedback from candidates regarding the videos we record. The Step-by-Step guide shows you how to record a video on your computer and send the video, as many end up too large to send via email.

  • Want to see what it looks like from the candidate’s end? Complete an example interview as if you were a candidate. Please note that you will have to sign up for a candidate HireVue account to complete this.