Ondemand HireVue Interviews

Ondemand HireVue Interviews

On-Demand Interviews with Hirevue

HireVue is a video interviewing and assessment platform that provides recorded, one-way (on-demand) interviews for job applicants. HireVue provides on-demand digital interviews that can be recorded by candidates at any time and with any device and viewed by search committee members at any time convenient to them. The main benefits to using HireVue for your search include:

  • Flexibility for candidates to take and committee members to review interviews at any time makes this tool ideal for evaluating candidates and allows for a more inclusive search experience by increasing the number of candidates in the initial interview step.
  • Recorded video interviews allow search committees to analyze and gain insight into candidates’ skills and experience, and capture feedback and analysis in a standardized process.
  • With HireVue, UCCS can screen more people in less time, gain important information, and make more informed hiring decisions.

How HireVue Works - Step by Step Guide

Interview Options for HireVue

HireVue offers two different modes for how to conduct video interviews