Furlough Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a furlough?
How does a furlough impact my benefits and leave accruals?
Can classified staff be furloughed?
Can I choose in which paycheck my salary is reduced following a furlough day?
Will a furlough affect retirement contributions?
Can a furloughed employee utilize the employee tuition benefit?
Can I use accrued leave instead of taking a furlough day?
Do I lose holiday leave if I am furloughed during a scheduled university holiday?
Am I eligible for unemployment benefits to cover my lost wages due to a furlough?
Am I expected to work while on furlough?
Does an employee have grievance rights regarding a furlough or temporary salary reduction?
Will my length of service dates be affected by a furlough?
Do leave benefits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act need to be paid out in the event of a furlough or layoff?
Can furloughed employees take outside employment while on leave?
Does the university have to pay employees their leave balances when it furloughs them?
Can an employee authorized for work through an H-1B visa participate in a mandatory furlough?
I make $60,000 or more but did not receive a furlough letter. Am I required to take a furlough day?
How will my paychecks be affected by an intermittent furlough?
How will my paychecks be affected by a continuous furlough?
If I worked a few days at the beginning of a month prior to a continuous furlough, and am unable to submit my timesheet, how will I be paid for these hours?
May I split my required furlough hours into multiple days within the same month?
How many furlough days am I required to take?
What happens if I don’t take all of my required furlough days?
Can I combine more than one furlough day to take a longer period of time off? For example, if I am required to take a half day, can I save the four hours from June to take a full day off in July?
How do I schedule my furlough days?
I am a grant, gift or auxiliary funded employee and received a furlough letter. Does my funding exempt me from being subject to the furlough?
Does my furlough impact my additional pay or other temporary appointments such as lecturer appointments or faculty secondary administrative appointments?